Date of Upload: 22nd July, 2017

Neev II Excursion

Fun & Frolic & lots of learning

C.M. House, Vallabh Bhawan, Upper lake

And many more things on the way

Looking around with wide eyes

It was an exciting & happy day! 

The students of Neev II went for the first excursion of the session around the city of lakes ’Bhopal’ for a ‘Bhopal Darshan’. The aim of the excursion was to know about the different landmarks of the city. Their day started off with the view of their favorite DB mall. Then they were shown Vallabh Bhawan, Vidhan Sabha and Birla Mandir. The children were shown the Governor’s and the Chief Minister’s House too. They enjoyed a ‘picnic’ in the bus parked next to the lake and relished the food while enjoying the beauty of the surroundings. On the way back to school kids were given their much loved frooti and chocolate muffins. It was an enjoyable outing on a beautiful rainy day and made the children aware about their city.