Date of Upload: 18th July, 2017

Sanskaar Eye to Eye

The Sanskaar Valley School



Every year our school gives us opportunities by the way of activities, which are educative, fun filled and eye openers. They also help in tapping the hidden potential of all the students.

This year’s activity was named eye-to-eye, as the name says students were allotted classes, house wise where they had discussion and appreciation of their ideas with their fellow house mates. It was a very interesting topic on a trending toy - the Fidget Spinner. The enthusiastic participants of grade 6 and 8 participated with full enthusiasm.

The outcome of the topic was that the toy was an online trend from foreign countries that blew up the internet. Though it was invented for good the choice of using it was ours.

It was good for the development of brain and fine motor skills, but it also became a source of distraction rather than concentration. Children started whiling away time and getting distracted from class and homework.