Date of Upload: 20th January, 2017

Decennial Founder's Celebration

“Here comes today’s guest, Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome him with round of applause!” announced Swathi. Around 1000 students and 200 staff turned back, expecting a magnificent personality entering Umang, escorted by prefects. Suddenly they heard, “Good Morning Everone. I am here, please turn back!!!” The hall filled with a roar of applaud and laughter. That’s really hilarious!

That’s the first imprint of Mr. Mangesh Desai, an Illusionist and Mind Reader, Certified by The Magic Circle, London. Mr. Desai performs visual and psychological illusions with a touch of comedy and his comical magic and mind-reading shows are known for their superb timing and a wacky blend of audience participation. He is known for his outrageous comedy, hilarious gags and spontaneous magic. The exciting part of his shows is gifting the props after the trick to the audience, which usually not a part of any other magic show.

Indeed, it’s a great treat of two hours of entertainment with highest laughter quotientfor the students, who didn’t just watch but became part of it.Beginning 6th Sense trick, the illusionist kept the audience on their feet with lots of delight. Tricking a student with playing card or telepathy of the Head boy and his best friend over unreturned X-Box are just a few of uproarious attractions of the event.  Reading the mind of Mrs. PrathibaLalwani about her favourite jewellery or Dr. Panda’s favourite animal kept the audience completely entertained. The peak of his performance was When Mr. Desai hypnotised Mrs. Swetha, Prangan English teacher, and took her to the age of 5, when she was in her first standard. He asked her to read the word ‘Maintenance’ and she read it as “ma…nu…gu…na..ta..ce…” Of course, it was Greek and Latin to her at 5 years age!

The stand-up illusionist and mentalist as he calls himself Mr. Mangesh, indeed, mesmerized the audience with his mind boggling tricks. From magic tricks to hypnotism Desai did it all on stage, till his grand finale where he presented a pre-written letter that predicted all that the audience said later on during the live performance. "A real entertaining day for me. The students are lovely and it’s a pleasure to spend pleasurabletime with the young Sanskarians," said ecstaticMangesh at the end of programme.

All in all, it was a fulfilling morning where every Sanskaarian absolutely had a blast and refreshing welcome programme after two days jubilant celebration and a vibrant cultural evening ahead.