Date of Upload: 16th July, 2017

Monsoon Magic in Aadhar

It seems Rain God heard the prayers of our little ones and blessed us with rain today as we celebrated Monsoon Magic Day in Aadhar! Children, dressed up as Rainbow colours, Ladybugs, caterpillars, butterflies, frogs, corn cobs, popcorn, clouds and raindrops….marched into Aadhar for a fun filled day planned for them. Children enjoyed playing ‘Rainy Musical Chairs’ game in the class as well as watching the slide shows and videos on the monsoon season. A colourful ‘Selfie Corner’ displaying all the things related to the season was the favourite spot as they gathered there to click photographs. And how can a celebration of rain be complete without the corn cobs! A ‘Corn roasting’ corner with the ‘Bhutte wala bhaiya’ was set up where the children watched their corns getting roasted on coal and enjoyed it fresh off the fire garnished with lemon and salt! New words were added to their vocabulary related to the Monsoon season as they spoke about their ‘Dress up’ in the class.

The Dining Hall was also geared up to celebrate rain with hot ‘Bhajiyas’, ‘jalebis’ and parathas- all the yummy things one likes to eat in the rainy season. After a sumptuous meal, the kids got down to some ‘hands on fun’ in the literal sense as they hand printed their umbrellas turning the most mundane of them into a work of art!

The day ended with the kids dancing on their favourite dance numbers and went back home tired but happy ready o enjoy more rain over the weekend! Parents should be ready for demands for a walk in the rain; afterall, the kids would like to showoff their colourful umbrellas!

                           “Happy  Monsoon!”