Date of Upload: 14th July, 2017

Scientist in Me


Scientist in Me

As said by Carl Sagan ……….I don’t want to believe , but I want to know..

Young Scientist of Sopaan, on a pleasant rainy day of the 13th of July loaded with scientitude exploded the demonstration table with their confidence and scientific temperament and amazed the judges – Mr Rout & Mr Chaudhary  from the Regional Science centre audience with the magic of Science. 

Science is undoubtedly in all of us., that was very well exhibited through the mazing experiments performed by the groups   and captured beautifully by LIVE CAMERAS in Umang. 

Name of the experiment


Blobs in bottle

1.      Saatvik Pradhan

2.      Madhav

3.      Eshaan Jain

4.      Rishab Jain

Elephant toothpaste

5.      Manoshi Dutta

6.      Ravnet Kaur

7.      Diva Zilani      

Dancing raisins

8.      Aadya Sneh

9.      Meera Malaiya

10.  Chandani Grover

11.  Sania Jain

Hydrogen Jet

12.  Abhishek Raje

13.  Mandar Tijare

14.  Ritwik Rameshwar

15.  Neal Nakshatra

Disappearing Water

16.  Kriti Johari

17.  Eshana Jain

18.  Shruti Saxena

Electricity without battery

19.  Saatvik Pradhan

Mr Raut, from the regional Science centre  amazed and enlightened young sopaaninas of TSVS with magic of science. He demonstrated