Date of Upload: 12th July, 2017

Rain Water Harvesting Workshop

Rain Water Harvesting Workshop for Grade 6.

“To a thirsty man, a drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold”.

Water Is Essential Part of Our Life. Without Water we cannot Live, No one can Survive without It. But nowadays we saw that People from Big cities don’t care about the Problem. But still, there are many Places on Earth where People can’t even Get DRINKING WATER. So Here We at TSVS, Sopaan take this opportunity to make our kids understand the importance of conserving water.

Rainwater harvesting is a technique of collection and storage of rainwater into natural reservoirs or tanks, or the infiltration of surface water into subsurface aquifers (before it is lost as surface runoff). One method of rainwater harvesting is rooftop harvesting.

Workshop on rain water harvesting was conducted for class 6 students by Ms Suniti Jaitley. The main topic of discussion was the importance of Water its usage and conservation of water. A very interesting video was shown to them showing the ways to conserve water. Students were highly motivated and they promised to save water from today.