Date of Upload: 12th July, 2017

Monsoon Dhoom - Inter House Decor Competition Sopaan

House competition

Competition is always a good thing, It forces us to do our best. 

The Event of Monsoon Dhoom in Sopaan brought fun and frolic to the block. Keeping this in mind a joyful House competition was organized to keep the house spirit high among our young adults.

The arena was the Sopaan courtyard where both the teachers and the students were enthusiastic participants. The house captains and vice captains along with the house coordinators were busy in decorating their soft boards. It was great Fun to witness the students working hard for their respective houses. Each house participants did a wonderful job in decorating their boards in vibrant ways. 

Satya was declared as the winner and the runner up house was team Pravir. Looking forward to more of such competitions.