Date of Upload: 7th July, 2017

Sopaan Celebrates Monsoon Dhoom

Monsoon Dhoom

Rain clouds come floating in,

not to muddy my days ahead,

but to make me calm,

happy and hopeful.

The onset of monsoon was celebrated in Sopaan with a great Dhooooom. This event of monsoon dhoom was designed to inculcate the feeling of being united and belongingness among the students. It has been a refreshing time for the teachers as well. Apart from regular studies in the block, Monsoon Dhoom has been proved to be a stupendous effort of each and every one filling them with delight and enthusiasm. 

Children came in vibrant rainbow color dresses to get the feel of celebration. After the attendance, the classes were arranged for the ‘Food Festival’ under the supervision of class teacher and co- class teacher during the breakfast time. In the food festival children were asked to get the eatables as assigned by the class teacher.

It was great Fun to witness the students sharing their home-made eatables with each other and also with the subject teachers. Followed by , was the talent show by four houses where the soft boards were decorated  in the best vibrant ways.