Date of Upload: 5th July, 2017

Oscar for Best Mathematician



Mathematics is as old as Man

The assembly for the mathematics week was all about sensitizing the students about the inventions and developments made by the great mathematicians of the past. 

It clearly portrays the fact that everything on earth has math in it so knowingly and unknowingly we use math in our day today lives. One should always try to understand and respect the contributions made by the great people over the times.

The assembly was commenced by the General Knowledge questions based on simple mathematical calculations, logical approach and rational thinking in order to keep our students well informed and logically sound. 

To depict the essence of great contributions, a skit was displayed in order to showcase different types of inventions and theorems which we use in our daily life. The theme was so designed that all the great mathematicians are having a party before the declaration of the Oscar to present their piece of work before their fellow mathematicians.

In short, it was all about making our young adults aware of the fact that math is everywhere and one cannot hide or run from math, in fact take it up as a challenge and face the mathematical problems with logical and rational thinking.

The power of mathematics is often to change one thing into another, to change geometry into language!!!

The entire assembly was culminated by seeking God’s blessings for their future endeavors. 

The take away of the assembly was to respect the dedication, devotion and hard work of our teachers who explain and teach us all the contributions and theorems in class. A teacher is the real role model for a student.