Date of Upload: 28th June, 2017

Sopaan: Boscars Mania - Event Promoting Literature and Reading


The Boscar Award show was held in Sopaan Block at the Sanskaar Valley School,Bhopal.The finale was a culmination of the reading activities ,that had set the Sopaan block abuzz for the last ten days.The creativity and ingenuity of the Sanskaar students was on full display, as they turned up attired in the get up of their favourite characters from the books that they had been reading during their summer break.

Not to be left behind the teachers of Sopaan set the bar high with their amazing acts as Robert Frost,Mark Antony,Tagore and Alice.You could see teachers as Nancy Drew,Jane Eyre and Mary Poppins as well.The  out of the box anchoring by James Bond and Nancy Drew ,Green witch,white witch and joker kept the audience totally engrossed .The energy and enthusiasm of the Sopaan students was a treat to watch.It was wonderful to see  clusters of Dhonis and Harry Potters and Hermiones rush to the stage to claim their Golden trophies.The most coveted award of the Boscars show King Reader and Queen reader was awarded to students, who had read the maximum number of books and had successfully cleared an interview round .Amogh Bindal of grade 7  ,Ovi Kulkarni and Eshana Jain of grade 8 won the honours.

When the classes resumed after the summer break ,the students were greeted with a thematically  decorated block ,with a cozy reading corner to  create the ambience and prod them to read more and more. Next the process of voting for their favourite characters and books started ,where very single student of Sopaan was involved to give their opinion about the books that they had read. This program aims to cultivate the love of reading books among the student community.