Date of Upload: 17th June, 2017

Adolescence and Sexuality Workshop For Staff

Education can be transformed only by educating the educator. To this end workshops are conducted every year for teachers so that they get a fresh perspective, develop new ideas, improve and sharpen their skills and learn how to incorporate learning strategies into content coursework. The teachers underwent different workshops on curriculum development and pastoral care.

A two day workshop on adolescent sexuality was organized at The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal on 12th and 13th June, 2017 by Saloni Priya, on Adolescence and Sexuality, a famous counselor who runs ‘Umeed”, an organization devoted to this cause and based in Kolkata. Ms.Priya is a counseling psychologist working in the area of Education Management, Human Development, student empowerment and counseling.

The workshop was attended by many Sopaan and Shikhar teachers. The teachers were empowered on the various nuances of adolescent sexuality. These included how to identify and deal with cases of child sexual abuse, addiction, aggression, anxiety, etc. The impact of media on today’s generation was mentioned. It was highlighted that it is important to not judge or label the adolescents, rather it is crucial to raise their self-esteem and be there for them and deal with their concerns in an understanding and emphatic manner. The workshop was informative and interactive with anecdotes and case studies on the matter.

 “Saloni Ma’am displayed the courage to address issues related to adolescents which are often brushed under the carpet. The workshop opened our minds on how to deal with adolescent sexuality in an empowering way.” -  Rajesh Sir


 “The workshop developed an understanding in us of the various aspects of adolescent sexuality and helped us to identify areas where we can contribute as educators in a meaningful manner. This will help us to raise a generation of confident, happy and healthy generation of youngsters.”   -Vineeta Chauhan Ma’am.