Date of Upload: 17th June, 2017

Workshop on Storytelling

“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in heart forever.”

The Sanskaar Valley School constantly works on empowering the teachers with workshops and trainings. These workshops and training-sessions enrich the teachers with a more child-centric, innovative and effective ways of teaching.

A workshop on Story Telling was held for the teachers of The Sanskaar Valley School on  12th and 13th June’ 2017 by the renowned Story teller  Ms. Sherin Mathews, Founder and CEO of Story Nest,  a Storyteller, a Therapist and a Trainer.  The workshop was attended by the teachers of Aadhar , Prangan and Sopaan. 

In the workshop, teachers learnt to make their subject teaching more interesting and captivating using various element of the story, i.e. use of voice modulation, hands movements, facial expressions and props. The workshop was on how to improve our class transactions by narrating stories in a wide ranging style. Story Nest is an organization devoted to transforming lives for the better for children, adults and senior citizens using the medium of storytelling.

Stories are meant for all age groups. Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it. The power of storytelling is that child can remember the story for his life  

As shared by Ms. Anju Malviya and Ms.Shaini Batra of Prangan Team. 

“This storytelling workshop was a very enriching experience, where we learnt how we can use different methods to capture the attention of the little ones and make the classes more interesting. Everyone is really eagerly waiting for the children to come back to put into practice what we have learnt.” – Dolly Prasad (Aadhar)

“It was an amazing experience learning new ways to incorporate “Storytelling” while introducing topics to children irrespective of subject. The resource person Ms.Sherin Mathews emphasized on different elements of storytelling like – voice modulation, facial expressions, gesture, etc. She also enlightened us as teachers to focus on positive ending of every story delivered to the students, anchoring to their needs of mental growth as Happy and a Progressive being. We’ve been privileged to know that our energy level and state of mind affects children more than we could ever think of and thus every teacher must ensure that the students must be in a state of high energy to be a better receptor of whatever been taught in the class. “ - Supriya Jacob (Sopaan)