Date of Upload: 22nd April, 2017

Assembly by Neev I C

We are the world!

We are the children

We are the ones who will make a better day!

So let’s start giving!

Where there is a will there is a way

Neev I C had lots to say!

Help the Earth regain its beauty

This is our foremost duty!

Save Water, trees and land

Let us all join our hands!

We have only one Precious Earth

Let’s realize its worth!

 With a determination in their mind and a strong will to do their bit, our little kids presented an assembly to save our environment. Kids delivered beautiful rhymes, conveying the changes happening on our Earth. They showed how there are a set of people who take good care of our Earth and on the other hand those who are spoiling it. Our kids took up as their moral duty, an effort to spread a message that we have just one Earth to live in and if we spoil it we will not have a place to live in!  

The assembly ended with a dance on the song

”Earth, we‘re in it together

Forever and ever!”