Date of Upload: 22nd April, 2017

Nirmaan Reading Week

My Buddy My Book Week – Nirmaan

10th April -17th April


The Reading Week in Nirmaan was all about discovering the Joy of Reading. The week started with children being introduced to the elements of a story.

The children read 3 books during the week and were able to know about the different elements of a story like – characters, setting, plot (beginning, middle, and end).  The children read -

1. The Three Little Pigs

2. Little Red Riding Hood

3. Goldilocks and the three Bears

The reading week aimed at making the children understand a story and help them to retell it using the different elements.

On the last day of the week the children made their own story incorporating all the elements to weave a story.

Open a book and you will find

People places of every kind

Open a book and you can be

Anything you want to be

Open a book and I will too

You read to me and I’ll read to you!