Date of Upload: 22nd April, 2017

Aarambh's Yellow Day


My Vibrant Yellow Day

Yellow Yellow, happy fellows

Shining way up high…

Sharing happiness and smiles

To everyone passing by!

Yellow is the sun

and the yummy custard

 ducks and Tweeties

 all adding to the fun!


What a vibrant Yellow Day it was!! The day started by taking the kids for a ‘Fun walk’ where they observed many yellow things like flowers, slides, leaves, school bus, etc. Little champs were all looking very lively in their Yellow outfits.


They were all very excited doing the show and tell of the pictures and objects of things yellow in colour. Kids were very curious to see the various shades that can be formed by mixing yellow with other colours. The yellow slide show was a great learning experience where they came to know about many things yellow in colour. They enjoyed making balls with yellow crepe papers and very happily made a Smiley with it.


Our young toddlers enjoyed watching the movie ‘Tweety’ which also made them recognize the yellow colour of the cartoon character. Aarambh had a great time sponging with yellow colour while making their yellow chicks.

They enjoyed eating ‘Yellow Custard’ with bananas and mangoes in it. As it was last working day for kids, they also made a finger painted card for their moms for their Mother’s Day.


Aarambhites went home with a big smile on their face with their Yellow chicks.