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Date of Upload: 19th April, 2017

Debate competition

Debate competition

                                                        Sopaan 2017

Debate is one of the academic activities that give students creative room to express what they feel. The length and breadth of knowledge that they gain through this is simply unparallel. The Inter house Debate competition for the Middle School ‘Sopaan’ successfully hosted on its campus in Sopaan Courtyard on 11th April 2017. The topic of the debate was: “Today’s students are fashion    victims.


This proposition was presented and well argued and it was very evident that the teams were well prepared and they used various skills to convince the audience. With 12 of young students participating as debaters with a scorer and a time keeper,the annual English debate competition was hosted by the English department of Sopaan. The debaters displayed confidence and unflappability in presenting their arguments before the whole block and a panel of Judges made up of Ms.Pratibha Lalwani and Ms.Neelam Lalwani who made a fair judgement. The debate was lively with a plethora of arguments and interjector questioning to both the participants speaking for and against the motion making it very interesting. It was thoroughly enjoyed by the Sopaan students and the teachers.