Date of Upload: 17th April, 2017

Assembly by Neev I A

“Jatta Aayi Baisakhi”, echoed in Aadhar and marked the beginning of Baisakhi celebration.  Ek Omkar prayer was followed by an introduction of the festival as in how it is celebrated in Punjab and Haryana. The students of Neev1A, dressed in colorful and vibrant Punjabi clothes explained how the harvest festival is an important festival of the farming communities of Punjab and Haryana and is also celebrated in the other parts of the country too like Poila Baisakh, Bihu etc.  
The assembly ended with the Bhangra dance. The  children were thrilled to see the kids dance and celebrate the festival which made them understand that the Baisakhi celebration is incomplete without the dance and the get together. They learnt that men enjoy doing bhangra and ladies go in for amazing Gidda in the festival.
Baisakhi the beautiful celebration ….
Celebrated with full on action,
Prayers they offered….dance they did…
Blessings from God are what we need.