Date of Upload: 17th April, 2017

Assembly by Neev II F

‘’Reading helps your seed of knowledge grow…to exceed, you must read”

On the occasion of the World D.E.A.R Time day, the students of Neev II F conducted an assembly on   ‘The Joy of Reading Books’. The children enacted a story about two kids who do not like to read- they find it too boring! One day as they enter the library, uninterested and reluctant, they come across some characters from the storybooks they had been asked to read like the 3 little pigs, Red Riding Hood, The Little Red Hen etc. These characters were lost and asked for help. The children had to read all the story books and help the characters find their home and in the process ended up enjoying reading.  The act was enjoyed by all and helped the kids understand how a book can be a special friend.
The children read some beautiful quotes about Reading:-
If you will read-
1-You can learn about different people and places.
2-You can imagine so many adventures.
3-You can explore the world.
The assembly concluded with our little ones performing a dance on the benefits of reading.