Date of Upload: 15th April, 2017

Assembly- XII CB 'Perception'

The assembly by class XII CB was about perception and how we potray things to be. The students showed different cases in which they were thoroughly judged and they later showed how our perception about them was wrong. There were two different skits, one about a mother who was thought not to be caring enough for her family but instead she was the most caring. The second was about how people judged a guy falling on a girl on a bus due to inertia and how when the girl did the same, the same was not perceived about her. There was a dance on the same, after that the students beautifully potrayed how they were judged about certain things and how the perception about them was wrong. In the end, it was concluded that we mustn’t jump to conclusions and we must instead analyze and take into account everything to come to a conclusion.


- Shrey Moolchandani ( Udyam House Captain)