Date of Upload: 14th April, 2017

A Smart Me

‘A Smart Me’

Birthday Etiquette

Mr / Miss Manners walked tall and smart
Earned a badge……yes, it was a great start!
Eddie’s birthday was so much fun
Caps, cakes, chips, gems, and balloons
Classes were all decorated with festoons,
Enjoyed, ate and had lots to play
Got return gifts, back on the way,
Learnt , not to pick cherries or open the gifts
Use magic words….do the tricks,
Bursting balloons a big NO NO NO
Nagging Mamma…also a NO,
Eat well and behave well, a big YES YES YES
Thanking friend and host …..also a YES
Be sweet and be smart
Eddie’s Birthday was a Start!!

Birthday parties are always a fun for kids and elders alike. Kids wait so eagerly to celebrate their birthday and their friends are equally excited to attend and enjoy the party too. A pretend play was organized in Aadhar, where all the classes were decorated to celebrate birthday of their favourite friend Eddie. The kids wore birthday caps and then the cake cutting ceremony took place with excitement brimming all over, and kids sang the birthday song, enjoyed the yummy cake and chips. They also got return gifts which was so much fun because it was an unexpected occasion. The aim of celebrating a birthday in school was just to teach the kids a few but essential birthday etiquettes. Kids themselves learnt the great way of behaving in parties and felt proud of knowing many rules. Kids are kids. They are supposed to enjoy, yet if enjoyed in the correct way, by following  manners, it becomes a memorable moment for all!