Date of Upload: 13th April, 2017

Puppet Story Telling

Telling stories creates a strong bond with your audience. Good stories will be told and retold; hence your message will keep spreading after you delivered it.

Using a puppet to tell a story is a wonderful technique that can lead to discover the joy of literature and learning. Puppets/Mask can be used “anyway, anywhere, and anytime” to bring stories to life and to spark imaginations. This was very well seen in Prangan on 7th April 2017 as children of Grade 2 & 3 brought beautiful variety of puppets such as finger puppets, hand puppets/masks, box puppets, socks puppet, stick puppets, masks and many more. The workshop was taken on  6th April 2017 by Mukesh Sir where the children learnt different kinds of puppet specially finger puppets, they learnt the story and practiced it with their puppet from home as well.

Telling stories with puppets was a terrific technique for the new storytellers. The tiny storytellers were in a relaxed mode and had more fun with their stories. The art of storytelling is about bringing stories to life, and puppets/masks provide us with a great way to do just that.