Date of Upload: 12th April, 2017

Aarambh's Dazzling D Day

Aarambh’s Dazzling ‘D’ Day


Dancing Dolls, Devils,Doctors

Drummer jumping all the way,

Little Ducks of Aarambh

Had a Dreamy Dazzling ‘D’ Day


It was a dynamic ‘D’ Day for Aarambh kids. It was a lovely sight to see all our toddlers  dressed up as ‘D’ as in Doctor, Deer, Devil, Doll.The day started off with the Show and Tell of the surprise bags of ‘D’ brought by kids. It was a real pleasure to see our tiny tots describe the ‘D’ pictures. They learnt new words like ‘D’ as in Dettol, Dairy Milk, Dragon,Digger, Doctor etc. After that a craft activity of a dog eating doughnuts was done which added to the fun!

The kids enjoyed watching their favorite cartoon ‘D’ as in Doraemon and Duck tales. One could see the happiness and excitement on their faces to see their favourite cartoon characters on the screen. Aarambh kids were also shown a story which made them learn the essence of ‘Doing Right Things’. 

The high point of the day was D as in drive- driving their cars on letter D –an activity which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the kids. They also loved playing with ‘D’ as in Dough as they tried to make ‘D’ letter out of it.This activity engrossed them and made them learn the formation of the letter.

The day ended with a fun dance with their friends & teachers. The ‘Dainty Doves’ of Aarambh had a Dazzling D Day!