Date of Upload: 11th April, 2017

Assembly by Neev II D

It’s summer time,
Sun is strong,
It’s summer time,
Days are long,
 It’s summer time
Out of school,
 It’s summer time,
 Swim in pool,
 It’s summer time,
 Leaves on trees,
 It’s summer time,
 Frogs and bees,
 It’s summer time,
 After spring,
 It’s summer time,
Birds do sing,
  It's summer time,
 Before the fall,
 My favorite season,
 Of them all...

The students of Neev 2 D enacted a story on the ‘Summer Season’ in their assembly. The story was about the summer season, which had sun as his best friend and summer was the nicest companion that the sun could wish for. Summer took the kids to his friend’s world where ice-creams, mangoes, juices and watermelons were dancing to the tunes of

Let us make summer cool
Let us all swim in the pool!!
Ice creams are a big big treat
Watermelons beat the heat
Curds, mangoes and lassi
Keep us ALL fit and healthy
Friends do not play in THE sun
Indoor games are also fun


The assembly was concluded by asking the audience: Which season is going on? Everybody enjoyed the assembly.