Date of Upload: 11th April, 2017

Costumes of the World

Date:- 7th April

PRANGAN ACTIVITY TIME:- Costumes of the World

Students enjoy feel free when it’s just an activity, which gives them the stress free feel of participating as everyone is the best. There’s no fear of comparison or winning n loosing. It’s just being and presenting what they have prepared for.

Grade 4 & 5 had this activity on ‘Costumes of the World’ wherein they were supposed to either dress up and speak or bring any prop or chart for the costume they have chosen. They had a wide range of choice out of the ‘195 countries all over the world’ as quoted by a student.

We are grateful to all the parents for their support for the huge learning kids had today, the horizon of educating beyond classroom, breaking the barriers of borders making them feel as truly ‘Global Citizens’ was achieved through this activity.
A special thanks to the students and parents of 3D who made wonderful puppets and costumes to decorate the entrance board of Prangan.