Date of Upload: 11th April, 2017

Lend me your ears

Ladies and Gentlemen lend me your ears…..and the speech starts, we all have been hearing this from time immemorial. The speaker requests the audience to hear to what he has to say. 

                              So, we at Aadhar, organized an activity ‘Lend me your ears’…….It is something very simple yet very important.  If we empower our kids to understand the value of listening at this early age it would surely help them in long run. Neev I & II had a listening skills development activity where kids  were made to understand that when someone talks we should to listen to them, it could be both giving respect to the person speaking and also learning from what has been said. It was a  3 day Activity Plan , involving kids in games and activities like  ‘Hear the Sounds and Guess’, ‘Chinese Whispers’, and the ‘Listening Game’ using paper cups.

All these activities were planned with the aim of helping a child absorb maximum from the surroundings and become more alert.