Date of Upload: 9th April, 2017

Nirmaan's Hi Five Senses Week

Know Your Senses

Senses help us to understand the world around us. They are the most important part of a human’s body. It is important to know our body and the senses which help us in our daily life.
        Activity based learning for Nirmaan students was held for a week that helped children to know the importance of the 5 senses present in our body. Eddie the mascot of Aadhar had visited the Nirmaan kids during the Sense Week and helped them in learning and recognizing the Senses.

Day 1 - Five senses outside-

The plan started with a nature walk where they were asked to look around, touch and listen to whatever that was coming in their way during the nature walk. Once they returned to the class, children shared their experience of what they saw, heard and the things they touched. An activity related to it was done in the class where a cutout of a tree was given and the children pasted eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and hand (representing skin). They drew things related to it.

Day 2 – Sense of Sight
A ‘Sense of Sight’ booth was created and children were exposed to the different visual aids like magnifying glass, spectacles, binoculars and Kaleidoscope. These aids help to see different things around us which are near or far. Key words related to an eye were told to the children like pupil, eye ball, eye lids and eye brows. They were also told the right way of taking care of it.  Videos and songs were also shown to the children.
Day 3 – Sense of Hearing
On day two, children were exposed to the ‘Sense of Hearing’ booth and different objects with different kinds of sounds were introduced and exposed to them. Children were told to take care of the organ that helps in hearing and they listened to the song and saw a video related to it.

Day 4 – Sense of Smell
In the ‘Sense of Smell’ booth, key words were introduced related to it like fragrance, odour, stink. The organ related to this sense i.e. nose was introduced and how it should be taken care of was explained to the children. The kids were exposed to different smells and were able to distinguish between the good and bad smells using the key words. Videos and songs related to it were also shown to them.

Day 5- Sense of Taste
Nirmaan kids visited the ‘Sense of Taste’ booth and were told that the different kinds of taste buds help them to taste. A picture related to it was shown. Key words like Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter and Spicy were introduced to them. Videos and songs were also shown.

Day 6- Sense of Touch
Nirmaan kids were introduced to the Sense of Touch. They were told that skin is the largest organ of our body. Key words like hard, soft, spongy, bumpy, smooth, rough were introduced to them. Videos and song was also shown to them.

 Culmination of the ‘Know Your Senses’ week took place on day 7 and all the classes represented different sense booths.  Charts and things related to each senses were displayed in the class. A Popcorn activity was done in the class which involved all the 5 senses that we have. An observation sheet was filled by children.
    Nirmaan children observed, learnt and enjoyed the Knowing about Senses.