Date of Upload: 6th April, 2017

Assembly by 5C

Assembly 5C

Assembly Grade VC- Civic sense

“Civic sense leads to good life, good society and thereby a good nation-Abdul Kalam”. 

Every Citizen of the nation, from all walks of life need to have a disciplined life. How do we imbibe Civic sense in the minds of the people is the need of the hour so that it becomes part of our life rather being imposed by rules and regulations.

The students of class VC conducted an assembly on Civic sense to create awareness and understand its importance.They portrayed the importance of civic sense through short role plays and its reflection on ourmoral norms and values. The focused areas of this assembly were to keep the roads, streets and public property clean, follow the queue, respect the value of time,observe traffic rules,prevent wastage of food, avoid prank calls and respect stray animals.It is not just our dream but our mission to create an empathetic society that builds a well- groomed and civilized nation. 

The assembly ended with an enchanting song ‘Together we can change the world’ conveying the message that each one of us is equally responsible towards creating a better world to live.

After the assembly, a session on public speaking was conducted and three students of Class 4F were invited to present their respective topics.



Raghav Maheshwari


Rajwardhan Dutt  Sharma

Old stone age

Subodh  Dubey

Save water