Date of Upload: 4th April, 2017

Heartfulness Workshop

Connect to your

“Inner- Self”

Budha was asked,

“What have you gained

From meditation?”

He replied, “Nothing!


Buddha said, “Let me tell you

What I lost:

Anger, Anxiety, Depression,

Insecurity, Fear of Old Age

And Death”


Habitually we are caught between the play of mind and heart: mindfulness versus heartfulness! We create this polarity within. Is it possible to reconcile?

What is Heartfulness?

Heartfulness is about feeling the lightness and joy of our true nature and experiencing it in our hearts. When we listen to the heart and capture the inspiration that comes from within, we can master our life. The exercise of integrating the heart and mind is done through meditation on the heart. Heartfulness meditation brings long-lasting change in behavior and attitudes. It is simple, easy and effective, can be done every day in the comfort of your own home.

We, at The Sanskaar Valley School, have already initiated a series of workshops for our children for their emotional Wellness. And taking this initiative to another level, we, as a school, have taken upon ourselves the task of working towards the spiritual well being of each of our students with the Heartfulness Meditation Program. 

The students of Grades X and XII, with all the upcoming tensions and insecurities in the coming months as they prepare to embark on new paths in their lives, have already been initiated into this and have benefitted tremendously. All the other classes; in fact each and every student will be initiated into this program over the coming months. 

Heartfulness for Teachers- A peaceful teacher radiates peace and tranquility in her class. With the same spirit, we are in the process of initiating each and every teacher of The Sanskaar Valley School into a life changing Heartfulness Program.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own 

Heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

- Carl Jung