Date of Upload: 1st April, 2017

Assembly by 8C


There is no illusion greater than fear.

The assembly of class 8 C was all about overcoming the hidden fear and Phobias through strong WILL POWER, strong SELF CONFIDENCE and strong DETERMINATION. It also clearly portrays the fact that everyone on earth is undergoing some kind of fear which is harmful to your inner self, your development and your well being. One should always try harder and harder to capture the fear before it captures your persona.

We had commenced our assembly by the General Knowledge questions in order to keep our students well informed and updated. It was followed by the distribution of walnuts to the ones who have given the correct answers, just to motivate and appreciate their initiatives.


To depict the terror of Phobia and its capture, a skit was displayed in order to portray different types of fears among a group of children. Some of the main phobias discussed were AQUAPHOBIA (Fear of water), GLOSSOPHOBIA (Stage fear), MYSOPHOBIA (Fear of germs), ARACNOPHOBIS (Fear of spiders) and ASTRAPHOBIA (Fear of Thunder).

In short, it was all about making our young adults aware of the fact that they themselves can help to beat fear no external agent will ever help to do that. 

You must do the things you think you cannot do!!!

In the end, the entire Sopaan took a pledge to lead a successful, healthy and evil free life.  The entire assembly was culminated by seeking God’s blessings for their future endeavors. Finally, Lubna ma’am was invited on stage to shower the audience with her thought provoking words. She had also taken up real life examples in context with the assembly topic.