Date of Upload: 1st April, 2017

Assembly by Neev II C

 “The Different Duckling”

“God has created all of us differently but everyone is special in its own way”.


The assembly conducted by the students of Neev II C was about a mother duck and her  ten ducklings. Nine eggs break open and the last one seemed to be big and strong. At last it breaks open, White and Different. All other nine ducklings were same and yellow.

The different Duckling could swim better than all other Ducklings but still was not liked because of its colour. She was kicked by the farmer in the Farm Yard, Hens pecked at  her and Roosters annoyed her by their sounds. 

The Different Duckling was all alone and lonely. She wondered as to why she was treated like this.

One morning the white duckling sees the beautiful swans. She wants to swim with them in the pond but is afraid that they won’t be friends with her. But still she goes into the pond and as she looks at her reflection in the water,she realizes she has also turned into a beautiful swan! 

The Assembly ended on a musical note with the song-

Even if we look different, our hearts are the same,

Even if we speak different, our thoughts are the same

Different but the same we are all friends,

We come together, we are all friends.


The Assembly gave the message that we should respect each other in spite of our differences. God has created all of us in its unique form. Love each other and Be Kind in your words.