Date of Upload: 30th March, 2017

Parent in Library 5E

Stories ….at some part in our life are very important. Every human being  rather every parent has got the chance to make and tell stories to the most invaluable and precious child they love.

Story telling comes naturally to a mother as she does it knowingly or unknowingly almost everyday, may be to feed the child, to divert his mind, to bring a smile ,to help him sleep, to make him understand, to protect him from scoldings  or just for fun. After   a  certain age this opportunity starts diluting as the child starts growing. A mother is always eager to know and be with her child and know her friends. This opportunity at Sanskaar is being offered through the library session with the entire section to which their child belongs to.

Grade 5E’s student Aaradhya Sharma’s mom had her own share of experience on 30thMarch,Thursday.

Mrs.Neha Sharma is a home maker by choice and holds a MBA degree in Finance and marketing. Initially she used to manage home, kids and work since few years she ‘s preferred being a full time mom, enjoying the growth of her kids.

25 minutes is actually the time she got to interact which seemed quite less for her and the students as well because this was the time when their Aunty was there in a different style.