Date of Upload: 21st January, 2017

My Tinkling Twinkling "T" Day

All dressed as letter T

As Tiger, Tomato or Turtle

Come let’s sit in the T for Train

Come all Aarambh tweeties

Let’s celebrate Terrific T day


Another celebration on the way of Aarambh kids. This time it is their Tinkling Twinkling T day. The little toddlers looked super cute dressed up as Tourist, Turtle, Tiger,Tree etc.

Children then made a collage of all the letters followed by a ‘Show and Tell’ of the things that begin with letter "T".

The little kiddos of Aarambh were very happy to see the movie T as in Tom & Jerry, Tweety movie and loved watching the slide-show of letter T.

O! What our kids are playing… It was a different experience for the kids to play Tambola with their friends where they were asked to cut the numbers told by us.

Kids relished eating T as in Toast made in Toaster. Kids were also showed T as in Tea-pot and enjoyed tasting Tea.

They excitement was not over yet as they were all made to sit to make their T as in Tiger and their Tweeties.

At the end of the day, our kids flaunted their T as in Tree Tattoo which was made by their T as in Teachers. The twinkle in their eyes was loved by us.