Date of Upload: 29th March, 2017

Parenting Workshop

"Children have the greatest chance of reaching their potential and becoming positive members of the school community if schools treat parents as partners" (Wood, 2011, p.98).

We all want to help our children be successful at school. No one wants to see their child struggle, as it can lead to frustration and anger. Sometimes if a child struggles, it can also lead to a sense of failure and children can develop a negative attitude. Social and emotional wellbeing creates the foundation for healthy behavior and educational attainment; it also helps prevent behavioral problems. We at The Sanskaar Valley School feel it is extremely important to focus on the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people.

Taking the first step in this direction, on 23rd March, The Sanskaar Valley School hosted a workshop on “Positive Parenting” in partnership with "Terracotta Capabilities", New Delhi; Terracotta is an organization specializing in imparting Life Skills to children. 

The first of its kind in Bhopal, the focus of the workshop was to take parents, by means of experiential methods, through the critical years of childhood, and to make them aware of the needs of their children. It also helped parents understand the new ways of parenting in the changing times of 21st century. Through various engaging activities, hundreds of parents were made to contemplate about the state of their kids, and the whole process of parenting. It was an interactive session where parents didn't only discuss their problems but also enjoyed looking into their own mistakes as parents.

The central idea of the workshop was to bridge the gap between parents and children. Through activities parents could also understand how to bring about a positive change in the child’s attitude and behavior. The workshop also focused on how to understand the potential in each child and the ways we can help children achieve it. Team terracotta emphasized the importance of Self Esteem in children; and how we can build it. 

The Sanskaar Valley School has joined hands with Terracotta Capabilities to impart Life Skills training in children and to make them strong both socially and emotionally. Through the year Terracotta will be conducting 15 workshops for students who register to the Life Skills Programme. The Life Skills curriculum offered by them is both comprehensive and age appropriate. 

Director, Jyoti Agarwal also addressed the parents and shared with them her thoughts on parenting and her commitment to making Sanskaar an emotionally strong community.