Date of Upload: 29th March, 2017

Assembly by Neev II A

‘Honesty’ and ‘Being Responsible’ was the theme on which   Neev II   ‘A’ presented their class assembly.  They enacted a story about a king who  tries to test the sense of responsibility and honesty among the people of his kingdom by putting a large rock  in the middle of the road and hiding gold coins under it. May people come across it while going to and fro from work and curse the stone but no one does anything about it. A little school girl also comes across the stone and instead of passing by like others, takes the responsibility of moving it on herself so that no one gets hurt. And on finding gold coins under the stone goes to return them to the king. The moral of the story that Aadhar learnt was”we should be responsible to do our duties” and “we should not take anything that is not ours”. The story was very well enacted by the students. It conclude with the song –

‘We should always say what’s true, even when it’s hard to do

 Honesty is always right, morning afternoon and night. 

Tell the truth in all you say,

 Trust and friends are build this way…..’