Date of Upload: 29th March, 2017

Assembly by Nirmaan F

Looking For Water

The children of Nirmaan F presented an assembly on 21st March 2017. They enacted on the story ‘Looking for Water’ with dialogues. A bird Mynah was extremely thirsty and was looking for water with her friends, the Parrot and the Pigeon. They were sad and disheartened  when they were unable to find water and their friend Sparrow showed them the bowl where they could quench their thirst. This story showed how a little boy filled a bowl of water every day for the birds to quench their thirst. The children asked their friends and teachers to save water and to place a bowl of water outside their house for the birds. The children spoke slogans on Save Water. Dances were also presented by the children and they gracefully danced on the songs. Children presented all the elements of the assembly with great enthusiasm, confidence and happiness.