Date of Upload: 29th March, 2017

Fine Motor Week



Two little hands and one little mind,

Ten little fingers had lots to find!

Felt and smeared water and flour,

Kneaded clean cool dough

With shapes, fingers and clips

Kids did mighty tricks.

Their face had big smiles,

The happiness they could not hide.

Fine motor week had lots in store,

Each day kids learnt more and more!!

In Neev I we conducted the Fine Motor Week from 20th March -23rd March where the children were made to do various activities which inculcated in them the fine motor skills i.e. strengthening of tiny hand muscles and tendons, grasping, holding the pencil properly, which provides a stable base from which the arm moves with control.

The following activities were done over the week:-

• Kneading the dough

• Dough pasting activity

• Sorting of shapes

• A Happy Me ( Scissors activity)

Day 1- Kneading the dough 

In this activity, children were made to knead the dough in an open area. It helped the kids to strengthen their hand muscles and tendons, great for finger strength which makes them ready for pencil and scissor control later on.

DAY 2- Dough pasting

On day two, children were given an A-4 size sheet on which the first letters of their names were written and they filled the letter with the kneaded dough. Through this activity, the kids learnt first letter of their names and also developed grip of their fingers.

DAY 3- Sorting of the shapes

During this activity, children were asked to sort different types of shapes with the help of cloth pins thereby enhancing their eye-hand co-ordination.

DAY 4- Cutting of hair of a happy face (Scissors Activity)

This activity helped the children learn how to use scissors correctly which will also help them in developing pencil control skills, as cutting with scissors is considered to be a pre- writing skill.