Date of Upload: 28th March, 2017

My Colourful C Day

My Colourful ‘C’ Day


Cashews, Chocolate, Creamy Cake

Aarambh loved to snack all day.

For words that start with C

Cabbage, Cauliflower and Candy.

Lots of learning and masti

As we celebrated letter ‘C’


O WOW!!! What a Colourful, Creative, Cool day it was for the Cuties when they celebrated their ‘C’ day. All the kiddos of Aarambh came very beautifully dressed up with things starting with letter C.

The day started with the Show and Tell of the things that begin with letter ‘C’ like Cauliflower, Capsicum, Cotton, Comb, Cucumber etc. 

The game of C as in ‘Collecting the Colourful Cones’ was enjoyed by the kids and helped them to develop their fine motors skills also. 

They were very happy to watch the movie of ‘C’ as in Cinderella and the slide show of letter ‘C’. Kids were made to do craft activity of ‘My Colourful Cloth Collage’ where they were given pieces of Colourful Cloths to paste on the Circle to form their Collage. They also pasted pictures of things starting with letter C and coloured them with Crayons. 

Another activity they really enjoyed was making their colourful crown by sponge painting it with different colours.

Hmmm… something yummy had come to Aarambh…Oh!  It was a Cake that they loved decorating with C as in Cashews, Chocolate, Candles and Cream. All of them relished eating the lip-smacking cake. Not to forget the Cherries that made the cake look more beautiful!

What a creative cool cool day it was!!! The Cute Candies of Aarambh went home cheerfully!