Date of Upload: 28th March, 2017

Creativity workshop

Creativity workshop by Media Professional

SOPAAN block was abuzz with creativity and innovation talks as our Radio Jockey Club organised a workshop by a senior TV and media personality and artist of repute, to inculcate creativity whether in writing, speaking or film making.

The resource person was Dr. Moonis Ijlal an Editor from NDTV 24x 7 New Delhi and one of India’s popular cover designers. He interacted with our Sopaanians and ignited their imagination with a host of discussions about story telling in whichever medium visual, print or painting.

He showed his documentary “Simply Silver” and exhorted the students to discover their originality and kindle their creativity without fear of going wrong. “Creativity has no rules” he said. He prodded the young minds to discover and dig deep into their imagination to uncover their own story and that of those around them. He also spoke about how to put emotion into their work and how every creative work begins with just a thought. In a nearly two hour session Dr.Moonis kept the students riveted and glued to their seats. TSVS and Sopaan were incredibly delighted to host such an informative and fruitful learning experience for our students. Head of Sopaan Ms.Lubna Niazi Warsi expressed her satisfaction at the effort.