Date of Upload: 28th March, 2017

Creative writing and storytelling workshop

The Sanskaar Valley School

Creative writing and storytelling workshop by Ms.Farah Edwards

Dated: 27th Mar 2017

Sopaan  organised a creative writing workshop for the students of grade 6,7 & 8 CIE. In keeping with the schools thrust on Internationalism, the effort was to give exposure and enrich their experience by interacting with a short story writer from Brighton,U.K.

Ms.Farah was extremely  impressed by the prompt and ingenuous questions of the middle schoolers. She gave them tips on being mindful to unleash their creativity. She emphasised on instilling minute observation skills by using all five senses. Her effort was to make the students realise their potential and be able to narrate their own experiences as stories. She coaxed the students to delve into their imagination and psyche to retrieve their long forgotten experiences  and spin a story around them. She gave some story prompts that the students quickly expanded into stories.

Ms.Farah is a well known environmental activist and short story writer.She campaigns extensively for the gas affected children  of Bhopal. She protested against DOW chemicals at the London Olympics in 2012.

Ms.Lubna Niazi head of Sopaan expressed her satisfaction at the effort and said that such programs serve to widen the horizons of our minds.