Date of Upload: 28th March, 2017

Assembly - Class 12 H

‘Pink’ the colour of compassion, tenderness and feminism

Grade 12 Humanities of The Sanskaar Valley School presented an assembly titled ‘Pink’ the colour of compassion, tenderness and feminism. It is also a colour that empowers a  female. The tree of Kachhnar that has shaded the Shikhar Block with its umbra of strength, also inspired us as it was so comparable to a female who has broken barriers of all her limitations and has yet not compromised on her values.

Whether it was the Single parent Sita from Satyug or Lizze Velasquez the ugliest woman in the world or the Phenomenal Woman, they have all empowered themselves from the lessons of their life!

We take pride as life endures, we take courage as uncertainty envelops, and we take lessons outside the classrooms!! Pink is the shade that defines us and we are proud to be ‘US’.

Hail Humanities!!