Date of Upload: 27th March, 2017

Dental Workshop For Grade III


Taking good care of our mouth, teeth and gums is a worthy goal in itself. Our dental health is linked to our overall health.

A workshop on dental care and oral hygiene was conducted for grade III students of  Prangan  in The Sanskaar Valley School  on 24th March 2017, by the well known dentist Dr. Rachna Singhai.

In this interactive workshop, students learned about proper way of brushing teeth and importance of regular dental care. 

Students were very excited after attending the session and promised to ‘add to the sparkle’ by taking good care of their teeth and gums.

It is rightly said a perfect smile raises your face value / Oral health = Overall health.

This workshop was a part of 'parents interaction with students 'an  initiative proposed by school.

Dr. Rachna Singhai is mother of Tanya Singhai of 3A. We thank her for taking out time from her schedule. 

We welcome parents to coordinate with the class teacher of their child and host workshops for students on various topics of their interest.