Date of Upload: 24th March, 2017

Assembly 5A

The Echoes of Sanskaar Valley School- Assembly by grade 5A

The students of grade 5A presented the first assembly of the academic year 2017-18. The topic of the assembly was very close and dear to each and every student. As it was about a place which is full of innocence, enlightenment, fun, punishments, uniforms, masti, education and learning! It was about a place which is immortal in a student's life, a place which molds a student’s future.  Yes, of course it was about their beloved school.

The assembly began with a small skit where the Sanskaarians outshone all the other children with their upright behavior. They won praises for showing self-control. The old man, who was the silent spectator appreciated the children on their mannerism and conduct, and said that their good behavior spoke volumes about their grooming at school and home.

The pride echoed in every student’s voice as they spoke about how Sanskaar Valley School came into existence and its progressive journey to become the fifth best school. The Sanskaarians echoed their sentiments about their school through a poem.


Our school is a place where we are showered,

With knowledge, and we are empowered.

With the most powerful weapon, the education!

It gives us the power of elucidation 

Hence our hidden potentials are unfurled,

We then are entrusted to lead the path and change the world!

At every step our insight is kindled,

And our vision and wisdom is twinkled.

Because ‘Sanskaar is just not about teaching, it's about awakening’!

Here we are taught “From The Soul Comes Valour, From Knowledge Comes Immortality”.

With this motto in our heart we move towards finality,

And aspire to achieve success in absolute totality!


Continuing with our efforts of Public Speaking the following students of 4F showcased their oratory skills. They were thrilled and excited about their first public speaking experience.

1. AvniBansal - Respect

2. Daksh Gandhi- Books Man’s Best Friend

3. TiyaBargale- Save Water

All the three speakers were very confident and won praises from the audience.