Date of Upload: 23rd March, 2017

World Sparrow Day

“Save sparrows, save nature”.

World Sparrow Day is celebrated all over the world on the 20th of March every year.To make the celebration a memorable experience and to bring awareness of this chirpy little bird that is vanishing slowly lot of activities were conducted in Prangan.

The entrance of the block was turned into a Gallery where the charts prepared by ourlittle bird lovers were displayed. Each item depicted their dedicated efforts towards creating awareness amongst all to know about the sparrows, their habitat, as well as much needed efforts to be taken towards saving them.

Sparrow walk & nest making -The students had collected materials like leaves, twigs, etc from the school campus and made a nature craft nest with those items which were also displayed at the entrance. The objective behind this activity was to appreciate the beauty of the bird sparrow and to save them. 

Flight to save bird’ activity was conducted during the G.K. period.

On an elegant outline of a sparrow students tookthumb prints by dipping their fingers in paint and adding it to the design.This activity was conducted as a resolution to make the students understand about sparrows and their decline in number and to motivate them to save sparrows by providing food, shelter and water. Students were also given an option to paste their photographs on the outline of sparrow as a resolution to save our feathered friends. 

“A stitch in time saves nine-- Every Accomplishment starts with a decision to try…. It is our duty to save this small lovable, beautiful and harmless bird for the environment and ourselves. By doing small things we can give our support to save this bird and save our environment.