Date of Upload: 22nd March, 2017

The Talent Hunt Show - Shikhar 2017

At Shikhar students actively encourage lateral thinking and activity through a host of co-curricular activities .The hobbies are cultivated as children enrich their lives as young adults. Thus the students are exposed to a variety of activities like music, drama, dance, fine arts and more. With an ethos founded on holistic growth and all – round development of each child, the school has created an environment and provides innumerable opportunities to showcase their talent.

On 9th of March, 2017 students had a Talent Hunt Show in Shikhar initiated by the Cultural Captains, and teachers .The competition was based on the entertainment and coordination amongst them. The show consisted of drama, dance, band presentation, rapping, magic show and poetry. In the Drama category, Aakarsh Gupta, Thakur Aditya Singh, Vivek Yadav, Shailendra Gaur gave a wonderful performance ; in the Dance category Diya Gupta, Ananya G. Chaddha , Manjima Banerjee , Fillipa Falth and Sahil Mehta were amazing ; the band presentation by Siddhesh Shrivastava , Radhika Vichitra , Hritik Kumar , Aditya Gupta and Arya Rathore was fabulous and the unique rapping done by Ayraman Sharma was cheered every one.

It was a great show.  Children really look forward to more such events.