Date of Upload: 18th March, 2017

Aarambh Blasting B Day

My Blasting ‘B’ Day
Look what Aarambh has inside
Bears & Fluttering butterflies
Brinjal, and Boxer, baker and Bat man
Lots of fun and things to see
Along with a black and blue boat ride!
New words that come their way
Our tiny toddlers had a buzzing ‘B’ day!

Aarambh had a great time celebrating their ‘B’ Day. Kids were dressed up as Butterflies, Brinjal, Bat, Boxer, Box etc.
The Show and Tell was done through beautiful and innovative surprise bags of ‘B’ objects brought by our tiny-toddlers. They were all excited showing their things and telling their names. Our kids learnt many new words starting with letter ‘B’ through this activity.

Kids were very happy to see the movie of cartoon character ‘Bob the Builder’ and slide show of ‘B’.
Our little kiddos sponge painted Blue and Black Boats and sailed them inside the pool. The excitement was not over yet. They were very happy pumping air inside the balloons and did Balloon painting with that on letter B given to them.

They thoroughly enjoyed playing a game  ‘Put the Ball inside the Box’ followed by  the making of the Bee headgears which they sponge painted and pasted and wore it on their way back home. Our little buzzing bees were all set to make their Bournvita milk and relished drinking it with their friends.

Our Beautifully dressed Buzzing Bees had a Blasting B day!!!