Date of Upload: 18th March, 2017

Assembly by Nirmaan E

The Mouse who wanted to go to the Moon

A ball is like a circle with no beginning, no end. It is just like our circle of friends! 
With the onset of a new session and new class with new friends, children of Nirmaan E presented a lovely skit on friends to convey the message of friendship in Aadhar. The title of the story was, “The Mouse who wanted to go to the Moon.”
The story was about a mouse who wished to live on the moon and how his friends help him to realise his wish. In the end, Mickey forgoes his wish as he realises his friends were a boon and won’t be there with him on the moon. The assembly ended on  a musical note on friendship which the kids sang melodiously.
The assembly thus celebrated friendship in Aadhar and passed the ball of friendship to one and all!