As Educators, we have a responsibility to shape the way in which the next generation of business, politics and community leaders understand, respond to and prepare for the challenges of life today, and we cannot do so in isolation. In the world of today, an ethic of mutual well-being with cooperation of each other is imperative. The most powerful force promoting and advocating progress today is acquiring a global perspective aiming for peace and growth of all.

This can be acquired through International Understanding through exposure to different cultures. Students learn to appreciate value and respect all cultures, religions and languages. Students learn to see themselves as Global Citizens and as a part of humanity and are encouraged to look beyond caste, creed, color, class, gender, race, nationality and culture. Values of tolerance and understanding of human nature with global awareness is the focus of our programme.

Action and Activities Include :
A multipronged approach to inculcate Internationalism and prepare our students for the world is adopted through the following :

  • Student Exchange through Round Square
  • Student Exchange through American Field Service (AFS)
  • Participation in International Round Square Conferences
  • Harvard Model United Nations Conferences (MUN)
  • Cultural Immersion Tours
  • Gap Year Placements of Students
  • Summer Schools in UK and USA
  • Participating in Service Projects abroad.
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Round Square Service Project - Jordan

  King's Academy, Jordan
  Service Project
  Classes X, XI & XII
  April 1- April 7, 2018

Round Square Conference-Bangalore International School

  Bangalore International School, Bangalore
  Classes IX & XI
  20-26 January 2018

YPS, Patiala- Round Square Activities

  YPS, Patiala
  12-14 yrs Class VII-X
  22-24 December, 2017

Young Round Square Conference

  Punjab Public School, Nabha
  Classes VI & VII
  December 8-10, 2017

The Punjab Public School, Nabha- Round Square Activities

  The Punjab Public School, Nabha
  11-13 yrs class V- VIII
  8-10 December,2017

The Doon School- Round Square Activities

  The Doon School, Dehradu
  Leadership & Adventure, Service-"To chop or not to chop", Service-Dhanaulti
  11-13 yrs Class V- VIII, 12-14 yrs Class VII-X, 12-14 yrs Class VII-X
  19-21 October, 2017,10-12 November,2017, 2-7 December,2017

Round Square Conference

  Vidya Niketan Birla Public School, Pilani
  Classes XI & XII
  November 19-21, 2017

Young Round Square Conference

  SKV, Gwalior
  Classes VII & XI
  November 9-11, 2017

SKV, Gwailor- Round Square Activities

  SKV, Gwailor
  Environment/ Service
  11-13 yrs class V- VIII
  8-12 November,2017

Model United Nations Conference

  Pathways World School, Gurgaon
  MUN Conference
  Classes VIII & XI
  November 3-5, 2017

RKKGPS Jodhpur- Round Square Activities

  RKKGPS Jodhpur
  11-13 yrs class V- VIII
  3-5 November,2017

Model United Nations Conference

  Amman Baccalaureate School, Jordan
  MUN Conference
  Classes IX & XII
  November 1-5, 2017

Round Square Conference

  The Rajkumar College
  Service Project
  Classes IX & XI
  October 30 to November 3, 2017

Regional Round Square Conference

  Mody School, Lakshmangarh
  R.S. Conference
  Classes IX & XI
  October 28-31, 2017

Young Round Square Conference

  Doon school, Dehradun
  Conference on Leadership
  Classes VII-IX
  October 26-29, 2017

Model United Nations Conference

  Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai
  MUN Conference
  Classes IX & XII
  October 12-15, 2017

Round Square International Conference 2017

  St Cyprian's School, Cape Town
  International Conference
  Classes VIII, IX & XI
  September 30 - October 5 , 2017

Model United Nations Conference

  Daly College, Indore
  MUN Conference
  Classes VIII & XII
  September 28-30, 2017

Model United Nations Conference (MUN)

  Presidium School, Gurgaon, Haryana
  Sustainable Development
  Classes VII to XII
  25 August - 27 August, 2017

Shishukunj MUN

  Shishukunj School, Indore
  Classes VIII - XII
  20th - 22nd July, 2017

Summer Camp in Spain

  Gredos San Diego Schools, Buitrago
  Summer Camp
  Classes IX to XII
  1 July - 10 July, 2017

International School Debate in Europe

  The Achievers Programme (TAP), Slovenia
  International School Debate
  Classes IX to XII
  23rd June - 04 July, 2017

Singapore International Science Camp

  Science Center Singapore, Google, Autodesk and Research Institutions
  Classes IX to XII
  29 May - 02 June, 2017

Round Square Conference - Genesis Global School, Noida

  Genesis Global School, Noida
  Classes IX & XI
  28 - 31 May, 2017

Round Square Conference

  All Saints' College, Nainital
  Classes IX, XI
  28 - 30 April 2017

Dubai Model United Nations Conference

  The Indian High School, Dubai
  Cooperation and Statecraft - The stem of a peaceful society
  Classes IX - XII
  26th April - 1st May, 2017

Emerald Heights Model United Nations Conference

  Emerald Heights International School, Indore
  Model United Nations Conference (MUN)
  Classes VIII - XII
  25th - 27th April

Summer in Switzerland

  Skiing and Leadership Training
  Classes VI - XII
  23 April - 30 April 2017

Daly College Model United Nations Conference

  Daly College, Indore
  Noice of the Neglected
  Classes X - XII
  22nd - 24th April

RS Service Project Rudraprayag

  The Doon School, Dehradun
  Service Project
  Classes IX, X, XI
  24 March - 4 April 2017

DPS Model United Nations Conference- Bhopal

  8th-10th December 2017


Round Square Conference Model United Nations (MUNs)