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Carrying on a Proud Legacy! It is vital to step into the shoes of seniors and take up schools responsibility in living up to schools work to replicate the hall and the community spirit that undeniably comes from sitting together, as one, strength and character of this mighty institution combined.

The council of 2016 is led by Devak Namdhari, Head Boy and Nandita Gattani, Head girl of the school.

Head Boy Devak Namdhari
Head Girl Nandita Gattani
Deputy Head Boy Aditya Jain
Deputy Head Girl Simran Gupta
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Girls’ Cultural Captain Chirantani Kothari
Boys’ Cultural Captain Atharv Joshi
Girls’ Cultural Vice-Captain Myna Pandya
Boys' Cultural Vice-Captain Anmol Rathore
Girls’ Sports Captain Aditi Gupta
Boys’ Sports Captain Divya Kotwani
Girls’ Sports Vice-Captain Swati Srivastava
Boys’ Sports Vice-Captain Ayush Hari Ramani
Captain, Academic Yashasvi Tharani
Vice-Captain, Academic Anshika Motwani
Captain, IPSC Unnati Goyal
Captain, International Affairs Aryaman Sharma
Vice-Captain, International Affairs Sonia Sangtani
Pragyan House Captain Manorath Kawathekar
Pragyan House Vice Captain Aakarsh Gupta
Pravir House Captain Arsalan Tahir
Pravir House Vice Captain Ishaan Pahwa
Satya House Captain Arpan Kapoor
Satya House Vice Captain Mohd. Saud Hanfi
Udyam House Captain Shrey Moolchandani
Udyam House Vice Captain Shreya Hari Ramani
Social Service Prefects (2) Shradha Tyagi
Social Service Prefects (2) Shalendra Gaur
Event Mgt. Prefects (2) Udit Bhojwani
Event Mgt. Prefects (2) Ayush Sundriyal
IAYP Prefect (2) Niharika Gangwani
IAYP Prefect (2) Mehul Joshi
Prerna Boarding Captain Minee Pratiksha
Prerna Boarding Vice-Captain Nishtha Khandelwal
Kshitij Boarding Captain Aishwary Jaiswal
Kshitij Boarding Vice Captain Vivek Yadav
Form Prefect : Class 11 Kavya Saraf
Form Prefect : Class 11 Prince John
Form Prefect : Class 10 Shailja Tripathi
Form Prefect : Class 10 Atharva Nigam
Form Prefect : Class 9 Kashish Maria
Form Prefect : Class 9 Priyanshi Shukla
Form Prefect : Class 8 Nishita Malpani Maheshwari
Form Prefect : Class 8 Vishwatej Raghuwanshi
Form Prefect : Class 7 Shreiya Anand
Form Prefect : Class 7 Thakur Aditya Singh
Form Prefect : Class 6 Eesha Sondhi
Form Prefect : Class 6 Yashweer Kharb

Junior Student Council : A voice for students

A Junior Student Council is the representative structure trough which the students in Sopaan (Middle School) are involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with senior council, stchool management, staff and parents for the progress of students and school. The junior council comprises of :

Sopaan Captain (Boys) Samyak Pandey
Sopaan Captain (Girls) Mahak Choudhary
Sopaan Vice Captain (Boys) Harshvardhan Singh
Sopaan Vice Captain (Girls) Meera Malaiya
Pragyan House Captain Lehar Tyagi
Pragyan House Vice Captain Saharsh Madan
Pravir House Captain Mahek Sancheti
Pravir House Vice captain Aadya Sneh
Satya House Captain Saatvik Pradhan
Satya House Vice Captain Priyanka Pardasani
Udyam House Captain Eshana Jain
Udyam House Vice Captain Anunita Bindal
Boarding Captain (Boys) Kaustubh Sharma
Boarding Captain (Girls) Bhumika Agarwal
Student Welfare Captain (Boys) Dheeraj Tolani
Student Welfare Captain (Girls) Aatreyi Bhatia