Kshitij and Prerna , the boys’ and girls’ boarding houses, have been conceived as a home for the students. Like every other operations in The Sanskaar Valley School, both the Houses have independent pastoral care providers. The House Masters/Housemistress lead the running of the residential set ups assisted by Wardens and Matrons. All of them stay within the premises of the boarding houses for effective care and supervision.

The students are accommodated in spacious dorms which are fully air-conditioned keeping the summer months in mind. Each dorm has 4 to 5 occupants and every student is entitled to designated study space in the prep rooms spread evenly on each floor. The specially designed schedule for the students attempts to harmonize the physical, intellectual and moral growth of each student. While an effective tutorial system reinforces the academic/pastoral needs of the students, there is a highly structured academic monitoring specially for the boarding students through an Academic Co-ordinator who looks after the academic development and monitors progress of each pupil.

We follow a special Boarding Calendar allowing space of various activities, sports, co-scholastic opportunities to all under the supervision of an Activity Co-ordinator.

Special outings and exerts are a regular feature linking the students with the lively activities scheduled in the capital city. One of the unique feature of the boarding calendar is to allow the meeting of the parents every month so that the students are in active contact with the parents and the parents get a chance to track the progress of the pupil.


Pastoral Care

The House Masters/Mistresses lead the pastoral care operations in the boarding houses effectively supported by wardens and matrons. The internal runnings of the Houses are undertaken by the House Masters/Mistresses and the parents are encouraged to communicate directly with them through email or phone call for any expedient matter. The house staffs are dedicated and qualified professionals with immense experience in pastoral care and administration to handle the emotional/personal growth of the pupils under their care.

Enrichment and Prep-time

Every evening; post school hours enrichment classes for the students of all the classes’ vis-à-vis the subject teachers available on campus; we provide special enrichment classes for the students to prepare for assessments and examinations. During the supervised prep time the students are engaged in self study and completion of the given home works.

A quote by Walt Whitman says: “This is what you shall do; Love the earth and sun and the animals, despise riches, give alms to everyone that asks, stand up and devote your labour to others, have patience and indulgence towards everything, Take care of the leaves in the open air and every season of every year , and your very flesh shall be a great poem and have the richest fluency not only in its words but in the silent lines of its lips and face and between the lashes of your eyes and in every motion and joint of your body.”
This quote was very well followed by the IAYP Social service students of The Sanskaar Valley School. They had undergone a social service initiative, where they resolved to clean the campus and facilitate the workers of our community. It was Sunday, 26th of February 2017 when the group of our selfless and dedicated students got up early in the morning and were found geared up with the feel of un-conditional effort towards nature and the workers. Though it was a bright and sunny morning, but each one of them spread out in the campus, ready for the toil and labour and were found picking and collecting wrappers and leaves. They were provided with gunny bags to fill the waste.
There was no reflection of tiredness seen in these young warriors, rather they were found supporting and holding hands of each other. After the cleaning, the students were filled with a sense of contentment and gratification when they overviewed the area. They were overwhelmed and rejoiced too. The endeavor of theirs was indeed appreciable.

On 24th February April, 2017 (Friday), all the boarders from Kshitij and Prerna visited “Shiv Temple” at Police line, Bhadbhada Road on the occasion of Maha Shivratri.

The students experienced spirituality and took the blessings of the Almighty.

On 21st February April, 2017 (Tuesday), grade 10 and 12 boys of Kshitij were taken to “Bharat Bhawan” to watch a play “Mukam Dehroo Jila Nagor”.

The boys were entertained by the comedy drama which depicted the life in a village during the Second World War.They were splendid by the performances of the actors.

Boys also got opportunity to meet Mr Kumud Mishra fame of Bollywood movies Airlift, MS Dhoni and Sultan.


Report by Nandita Gattani XII CB

The boarding students were taken to Bharat Bhavan on 16 February 2017 by Mr. Ganpat Swarup Pathak to witness the Bharat Natyam Samooh Nritya. The Show began with a melodious and deep performance by talented Parwati Baul who is famous for her baul singing in Bengali. It is truly said that music connects souls because the way she was indulged in her singing left the audience in a rapture.


This was followed by Bharat Natyam performance by Ria Jha, Mohika Saxena, Aarohi Munshi and Madhura Chattopadhyaya who are disciple of the Celebrity Dr. Lata Munshi.

Truly, dance is a language itself. Through their expression and beautiful dancing the girls portrayed the stories of lord Krrishna and Ram.

The students were delighted to be the audience of such a great performance and they got golden opportunity to indulge themselves in the precious Indian culture.