• Six Selections for Nationals at SGFI Soft Tennis Competition¬†

    Its victory reports pouring in from the tennis field. In the SGFI State Soft Tennis Competition that was held from 10th – 14th September 2017 at Dewas, MP, six students from TSVS have been selected for the upcoming National-level tournaments. The 11-member contingent won a total of 11 medals at the tournament.

    Kudos to the Medal Winners!


    Student Name


    Under 19 Girls – Team Event

    Kamashi Vijayavargiya

    Priyanka Sable

    Vaidika Malviya

    Gold Medal

    Under 17 Girls – Team Event

    Mahat Kaur

    Eshana Jain

    Gold Medal

    Under 19 Boys- Team event


    Silver Medal

    Under 17 Boys– Team event

    Akash Lodhi

    Silver Medal

    Under 14 Girls– Team event

    Dhwani Loya

    Silver Medal

    Under 14 Boys– Team event


    Sajal Nayak Chetanya Gupta Rishabh Jain

    Bronze Medal